The Ultimate Logo Guide 101

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Why Every Business
Needs A Logo?

A logo is the primary visual element of the overall brand identity. It is considered to be the key to get your business noticed. Many small businesses and start-ups think a professionally designed logo is an expense that can be avoided, but a perfect customized logo can be designed within a budget and catch the eyes of your targeted audience – It is a must for every business.

How Does a Having Great Logo Benefit My Business?

Having an effective logo is essential to the success of your growing business. It represents the image, nature, and values of your business. A business is known by its image, and it can either thrive or wither away depending on the image that it consistently gives to its audience. There are many benefits of an impeccable logo design like:

  • It sets your brand apart from the competitors.
  • It creates a positive, powerful, and lasting impression.
  • It is the identity of the company.
  • It's sets a visual image in the minds of loyal customers.
  • It shows professionalism.

Why do I Need a Logo?

A logo stands for reliability, legitimacy, and professionalism A consumer will judge your business in under 5 seconds, so you should make the best of it. to create a lasting first impression, having a powerful logo is crucial. Even without words, it conveys what your business does and what its values are. It expresses stability and reliability. When you have a logo that looks professional, you look professional.

A logo builds customers’ trust You can create familiarity with your brand by displaying a strong logo on websites, social media, storefronts, stationary, vehicles, uniforms, business cards, and packaging. Over time, your logo will firmly lodge in customers’ minds, build trust, and become inseparable from the brand itself.

Why do I Need a Strong Brand?

Most people value brands that share the same values as them. If your brand has a clear representation
of your business, you’ll have more chances of attracting the right people.

Improve recognition

Your brand sets the image of your company so make it memorable one, which is strong enough to leave the desired impact.

Get a Competitive edge in market

A good brand presence that has a clear purpose will definitely help you stand out among the others in your field. Clients will choose you because of your brand, your style, and your whole package.

Build financial value

Having a strategic plan for the company can help in achieving long-term financial gain that optimizes the ROI, increases the company’s value, and ensures the company meets its financial goals.

Create trust

Having a professional looking brand establishes credibility and trust. People are more likely to engage with a business that appears legitimate and qualified.

Encourage employees

When employees understand what the company goals are, they feel the same pride and will work together with enthusiasm to achieve those goals.

Attract new customers

Having a proper and strategical branding will help potential customers feel connected to your business, it will intrigue them to learn more about what you have to offer.

What Makes A
Great Logo?


Having a simple yet powerful words on your logo will help the customers to remember your brand and build awareness. Using maximum two to three fonts usually causes less confusion and conveys your message clearly.


Your choice of color conveys your idea and carries a meaning, which is why selecting the right colors for the brand is one of the most important things to do. The colors bring life to the logo design but should be used according to the brands image.


One of the most effective way to attract attention is the graphical presentation of your logo. You can have a realistic portrayal of an item, a theme, or a concept.

What’s a Style Guide and Why Do I Need One?

A style guide is used to maintain the consistency across your organization — regardless of the size of your company. It’s important to have a style guide laying out the criteria for the visuals and copy linked with your brand. Here are six elements to consider when developing your guide. After the guide is complete, you can share it with your employees and revisit it annually to see if updates are needed.

Business mission or essence

To understand the mission thoroughly is very important. A research on the history of the company must be conducted to get details and explain in clear words everything about the company.


The style guide should include your logo in various sizes and file formats, and guidelines explaining how and where the logo may be used.


Select fonts and sizes according to the company’s value. A font represents the brand as well as increase its legibility.


Voice guidelines are important for those working on your brand to understand who is speaking, what is the voice of the company, etc.


When you careful select the right colors for your logo, it will help your clients and potential customers to recall the brand easily.


You must provide clear guidelines to simplify selecting photos for creative materials. There are certain types of imagery that fit better with your brand style.